Sunday, December 14, 2008

my office collects

peculiar things in my office as I left tonight: stack of books, stack of boxes of books (moving in still), bags of oranges (left over from the sunday school goodie bags) and the best: a disco ball, used to create a starry night in Bethelehem. it's that good!

Friday, December 12, 2008

santa chronicles

Much discussion in my house lately about Santa. Santa often celebrated at Big Box stores but not usually at our house (save for the pin my Mom gave me when I was about 4- Santa moves when you tug at the string- which I seem to wear a day or two every December). So to Santa or not to Santa is the question. Eventually, the Kid joins us, and do we santa or not. Can we answer questions about why Santa is only here and not, say, in Africa? Can we impress upon the Kid the reason why and why not for Santa's coming? Don't talk to strangers, we'll say, but it's okay to talk to the big, white, furry looking guy once a year?
So Sufjan Steven's song "get behind me Santa" gets a thumbs up tonight; "we all know it's coming so put your hands together." But still, get behind me Santa.

Monday, December 8, 2008


okay, so it's one of my things. How come what I don't like helps me exude as much passion as what I do like? cold and snowy but gray-ness is the worst part. but it does bring out good hats, beautiful sweaters and the idea that even something as bad as winter doesn't last forever. There's a striking beauty in my commute today, the nakedness of the trees and the stark darkness. Reminds me that this is not the end, that something else is coming.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

handling the truth

There have been at least five times in the past two weeks where I have had to wonder"Do i tell the truth or not?" And four out of five I did- but it was a hard truth to tell. Seriously, I shouldn't have to think that hard about it! And now, today, I read that McCain is ahead in the polls. And I see that the polls are DIFFERENT than they were five months ago (of course a Republica shoots ahead in the polls when the number of Republicans being asked increases!) And McCain is complaining about media bias- does he know it's in his favor? Would someone please tell the truth?

Monday, September 1, 2008

i am...

New church, new routines, new rituals. One of my favorites so far: the man working on a degree, learning reiki, and other interesting mind/ body sorts of things. when I served him communion, he was saying something. I understood a week ago and this week, let him speak first
he said "I am" I said "the body of Christ." What do you think of that?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

getting started

A few days of the new church under my belt and no major bumps. Getting back into the preachign gig may be a bit more difficult, considering I used to do it every week but that was at least a year ago. Today, I'm turning over the idea of walking on water. Isn't that in some REO speedwagon song? Don't know but I'm sure it might be something to consider- since it seems that phrase has made it into our everyday language. So, can you walk on water? how do you walk on water every day?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pink shirt in the pulpit

Maybe it's because it's a new place I'm starting at that I want to look somewhat put together. But I did it- I ordered a PINK clergy shirt from Womenspirit. And it looks good- and not too male or as if I'm fashion phobic, which those shirts have usually done for me. Maybe it's the idea that it will be okay here, with two women in the pulpit. Exciting since not too many places have been served by two female clergy. And I'm afraid the clergy is in no danger of becoming a pink collar profession. Still, I'm happy to add my two cents worth of pink collar.
Thanks to Sarah Sentilles' new book, A Church of Her Own, as she brings up the topic of clothing. She dedicates an entire section to the body and a whole chapter to clothing. I remember my first clothing comment, said with a grimace and in a condescending tone, "Pastor, those sandals make your feet look sexy!" Thankfully, my husband says this too, but he punctuates it with a smile. So are we all about our clothes? And is it that anyone who says that they want to know more of God and follow Jesus more closely is supposed to be a quiet, faceless, drab looking vessel for the Spirit? Or can we show some personality?

(thanks to Pink Shoes for the jumping off place for the title today! )