Tuesday, April 29, 2008

corner blinded

As I mentioned at the last posting, we were some "trials." Just to be clear, I know people have real problems- not enough food or clean water, live on life support, or with a major illness. Goodness, just this week at a very wonderful church we visited, someone shared testimony of how God had gotten her through the shooting death of her 18 year old son. Like I said, real problems!
Normally we're not very self- absorbed. Can I say that and not sound self-absorbed?
Recently, we've been "corner blind", blinded by our problems, not able to see outside of what we perceive as difficult times. This past week we essentially severed a professional relationship. This was not easy, not fun, nor without lost sleep. It's a difficult thing to do to sever a relationship. We felt odd and uneasy for several weeks but we are now able to sleep. And thank God that God's given guidance in how to deal with our problems. We continue to hold those folks in prayer for all the work they do.
And hopefully, we can continue to receive guidance about how we live our lives to be a blessing to others, not getting stuck on our corner of the world.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

planes that never get off the ground

Thanks to Allison Krauss for the title of today's post. Yes, it seems this week we've had some planes and plans that just don't get off the ground. Adoption continues to be painstakingly slow. Confusing and difficult. But today I'm at the computer because Hubby is not working from home today and trying to get some plans together for a trip to Denver- some work, some fun, some family, some free house remodeling. Ah, but it's been a journey trying to get many schedules to coordinate at just. the. right. time. Very tricky when dealing with transportation and soccer games. I just hope that our plane does get off the ground. Looking forward to some sunshine. And to see some faces that brighten my spirit.