Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pink shirt in the pulpit

Maybe it's because it's a new place I'm starting at that I want to look somewhat put together. But I did it- I ordered a PINK clergy shirt from Womenspirit. And it looks good- and not too male or as if I'm fashion phobic, which those shirts have usually done for me. Maybe it's the idea that it will be okay here, with two women in the pulpit. Exciting since not too many places have been served by two female clergy. And I'm afraid the clergy is in no danger of becoming a pink collar profession. Still, I'm happy to add my two cents worth of pink collar.
Thanks to Sarah Sentilles' new book, A Church of Her Own, as she brings up the topic of clothing. She dedicates an entire section to the body and a whole chapter to clothing. I remember my first clothing comment, said with a grimace and in a condescending tone, "Pastor, those sandals make your feet look sexy!" Thankfully, my husband says this too, but he punctuates it with a smile. So are we all about our clothes? And is it that anyone who says that they want to know more of God and follow Jesus more closely is supposed to be a quiet, faceless, drab looking vessel for the Spirit? Or can we show some personality?

(thanks to Pink Shoes for the jumping off place for the title today! )

Monday, July 28, 2008

small and big why

Two months later, I reappear. Working on a new computer, I am wondering why- why didn't we do this sooner? it's spiffy and fast and - why didn't we buy a new one sooner? I've been hanging around with lots of toddlers who also ask why. Why does the match make a fire? why does the sprinkler get me wet? why doesn't the older boy let me take a turn on the swing? so many good questions. When my young friend W returned home yesterday, he wanted to watch Super Why. (what a great name!) My husband, the scientist, seems to be getting stuck. He's got lots of explanations but none simple enough to help out a three or four year old. A friend of mine and I have been dealing with bigger whys? Why is our friend and colleague dying? why can't the doctors control the pain? why isn't anything working? So i'm left wondering some of the bigger whys this morning- thankful for the brainpower to do it but still wondering why.