Thursday, May 8, 2008

beautiful tragedy

Today I participated in a "commendation of the dying" service for a friend, colleague, and mentor. It was awful. And beautiful. She has lived a caring, grace- filled life and today, she began the process of dying in that way. We walked through the font, we sang loudly sometimes, and quietly at other times, we prayed. We cried. It was awful. And beautiful. All at the same time. I forget that sometimes we learn more when we're not so much trying to learn. It was like a glorious on- the- way- to -a- funeral time. It was something we all might take on, it was helpful for all of us gathered and for her I think. Since I can't say death frightens me, it was all the more wonderful to watch her step into her new role of teaching the rest of us how to live well. As she always has.

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LutheranChik said...

That sounds like a wonderful difficult as it would also be.