Friday, December 12, 2008

santa chronicles

Much discussion in my house lately about Santa. Santa often celebrated at Big Box stores but not usually at our house (save for the pin my Mom gave me when I was about 4- Santa moves when you tug at the string- which I seem to wear a day or two every December). So to Santa or not to Santa is the question. Eventually, the Kid joins us, and do we santa or not. Can we answer questions about why Santa is only here and not, say, in Africa? Can we impress upon the Kid the reason why and why not for Santa's coming? Don't talk to strangers, we'll say, but it's okay to talk to the big, white, furry looking guy once a year?
So Sufjan Steven's song "get behind me Santa" gets a thumbs up tonight; "we all know it's coming so put your hands together." But still, get behind me Santa.

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