Friday, December 7, 2007

holiday letter

Okay, in our family we call it the "crap, we better get out Xmas cards, maybe we should tell people somethings" letter. We just received our first yesterday from dear friends out West. Lots of action pictures and action verbs. My first thought was, when do you all sleep? Eat? Pay bills? So much has happened this year it was hard to cram in to a page, front and back. Here's what I wonder: no one includes the messy, crappy things that happened. Or all the times they woke up at night wondering what was coming next. Or all the times they came home from work saying "my boss is a jerk" or "traffic was better today than usual." We include the extraordinary things but leave out the mundane. But the mundane is what makes it happen and that's often when relationships are built- schleeping groceries, a quick meal together, shoveling snow. Someone said once "how we live our days is how we live our lives. " It's true, it's true! So we'll be sure to include the mundane this year.

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