Friday, December 21, 2007


So I was driving the long drive to the church last week and got hung up on traffic on the highway. They're doing some construction and it was the middle of the day- not unusual to have a slow-down. But the van that kept passing me was unusual. Aftermath was their name; the description said something like 'specialists in crim and tragedy cleanup.' Interesting! Never seen anything like it before- the guys in the van seemed happy enough, probably singing along to the radio. How do you get involved in that business? Must be like a funeral home director- you're born into it or you feel like you have a real calling to help people in that specific way. Makes me think about how uncomfortable we are with messy things (I once fainted when I accidentally cut myself). Must take a person with a strong stomach and committement to do that clean up work. And I'd venture, not unlike a pastor who goes from funeral to baptism in one weekend.

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