Thursday, January 17, 2008

sad tacos

So I'm usually not this deep and lately, not this observant. But my taco trip the other day really surprised me. Now, with full disclosure, I'll admit I'm a Chipotle junky and have been since I visited their first store years ago in Denver. When they first opened in our neighborhood a few years ago, I was 3rd in line! So I walk in yesterday for chicken tacos and see almost all Latino folks working on the line and in the kitchen and an African American manager. The last time I was in several months ago, almost all employees were African American. Our neighborhood is decently integrated and the folks who frequent the restaurant tend to be more African American than not. So I'm curious about the change in employees. And a little sad because it seems to me that the racial inequity goes on. So I took my tacos and went home, a little less hungry.

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